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Multiple AX206 screens are supported?


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On 11/11/2022 at 3:09 PM, Wendi said:

As title says, two or more AX206 screens are supported at same time?

I looked all around in forum and specs but i couldn't find a word about it, just about a few other models or mixing diiferent ones.

Thanks in advance.

At this time, no.  Do you have multiple devices?

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On 11/18/2022 at 12:13 PM, Wendi said:

At least @Fiery, do you know if they are they going to have support in a future?

If yes, i will wait to do something like picture attached.

If no, i can start thinking about alternative solution for my project.

Thank you.

The latest AIDA64 beta update implements support for up to three AX206 LCD devices:


Let us know if you need more devices :)

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I'm getting error "LCD init failed" with beta at every system restart. Closing and relaunching AIDA solves it until next restart.
Installed my old AIDA version and it is working fine. Reinstalled beta and the error appears again.

PD: with only 1 lcd screen connected (others havent arrive yet)


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