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Doesn’t see anything( iPhone 13 pro)


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Hello, I have such a problem that I have almost everything displayed as unknown

Basic Properties
Device iPhone14,2
Dock Connector Unknown
SIM Card Type Unknown
Device String iPhone14,2
Device Id D63AP
Released 1 Jan 1970
Cellular Yes
Force Touch No
Version Unknown
Controller Unknown
Bluetooth Smart (LE) No
Physical Properties
Water resistant None 
Width 0.0 mm
Height 0.0 mm
Depth 0.0 mm
Weight 0 g
CPU Properties
CPU Unknown
Manufacturer Unknown
Instruction Set Unknown
Microarchitecture Unknown
Technology Unknown
Core Count 6
Active Core Count 6
GPU Properties
GPU Type Unknown
GPU Cores 1
Co-processor Properties
Co-processor Unknown
Storage Information
Device Model 256 GB
Total Storage 238.30 GB
Available Storage 174.57 GB
RAM Information
Total RAM 5652 MB
Available RAM 679 MB
Screen Size
Screen Size 0.00"
Aspect Ratio Unknown
Pixel Density 0 PPI
Screen Parameters
Vertical Resolution 0 Pixels
Horizontal Resolution 0 Pixels
Contrast Unknown
Brightness 0 cd/m²
Technology Unknown
Refresh Rate  
Color Gamut  
Back Camera
Resolution Unknown MegaPixels
Aperture 0.0
Max Video Resolution Unknown
Max Video Speed  
Optical Stabilization No
Max Photo Resolution 4032 x 3024
Shortest Exposure Value 1/66667 sec
Longest Exposure Value 1/1 sec
Front Camera
Resolution Unknown MegaPixels
Aperture 0.0
Max Video Resolution Unknown
Max Video Speed Unknown
Optical Stabilization No
Max Photo Resolution 4032 x 3024
Shortest Exposure Value 1/47619 sec
Longest Exposure Value 1/1 sec
#1 Carrier Not found
#2 Carrier name Beeline
Capabilities Unknown
Baseband Unknown
Assigned IP Addresses
Wi-Fi (IPv4) Not Available
Wi-Fi (IPv6) Not Available
Cellular (IPv4)
Cellular (IPv6) Not Available
Wi-Fi Details
SSID Not Connected
BSSID Not Connected
Capabilities Unknown
Controller Unknown
Status Discharging
Level 57 %
Voltage 0.00 V
Capacity 0 mAh
Watt hours 0.00 Wh
Type Li-Ion Polymer
Battery Details
Adapter Details
Installed OS
Operating System iOS
Version 16.1.2
Build Number 20B110
Multitasking Yes
Current Session
Active Time 1d 6h 32m
Uptime 0d 14h 7m
OS Compatibility
Initial OS Version Unknown
Max Supported OS Version Unknown

AIDA64 for iOS Version 1.38 (765)






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I’m having same issue same iPhone 13 PMax. It’s able to do color tests and the accelerometer barometer altimeter and speedometer are working as does the detection of magnetic fields 

But it doesn’t recognize device specifics, exactly as posted by OP. While it won’t admit the megapixel count, it does know when I open the about information but won’t admit it’s got GPS and of my several apps for this type of diagnostic testing, it’s the only one that has a discrepancy with storage. That said it also seems to be the only one telling me the truth, including Apple themselves and through settings - general - storage 

I have a 512GB and all others are saying it’s got 300GB open while yours says it’s using 300GB. 
I continue to use it because it seems accurate with sensors and resolution/pixel performance on the OLED display. But yeah, I guess I can’t see your servers either. 

I’ve tried the suggestions and I’m definitely online with a quick connection in North America but no dice with the same as OP’s post. 

text 2.txt

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