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On 12/29/2022 at 12:48 PM, CtrlAltNoob said:



We're able to correct the usage for GPU clock, temperatures, cooling fans, voltage and power.

Is it somehow possible to correct the CPU and GPU usage -1 so when using a sensorpanel that fits 2 numbers does not get messed up when the GPU is pushed to 100% and stays on 99% instead?

image.png.8a0fdaa9696d10a0887aaf3ba0d901d7.png image.png.203ccc8d0bf2cf210ebbbc4ef473f33b.png

That would be bending the truth :) And also, I'm afraid the Correction module wouldn't work properly with such logic since at 0% it couldn't substract 1% and display -1%, that wouldn't make much sense.

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