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Something is wrong with fonts

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Don't know whether it's a bug, but I don't see a more suitable place to post...

Well, I downloaded a trial version, but most signs are unreadable (to me). Maybe I could change language, but how to do it if I can't read?


First menu (I guess that should be "File") looks this way - Ôà¼ë

Does Aida use some special font that I don't have?

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No special fonts used in AIDA64. I guess when you adjusted your regional/language settings in Windows, you didn't configure the language for non-Unicode programs to your language.

You can easily change the language in AIDA64. Just click on the first menu (File), then select the first menu item from the File menu, and that will lead you to the language selection list. Select English there, press Enter key, and it should work from there ;)

An alternative, more "destructive" solution is to completely remove the non-English language support from AIDA64: navigate to AIDA64 installation folder, and delete all files with a filename that starts with "LANG". Also remove the whole folder named "Language" if it exists.



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