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Antec 920 temp, fan and pump outputs


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I have the cooler mentioned in the subject. Intermittently the three displays drop out. Is there anything that I can do to keep that from happening?

If they are set to be gauges, the gauge will show zero and then come back after a while.

If they are set to just show as text or a bar graph, that just disappears

Also if I happen to be modifying the sensor panel or the LCD, the sensors disappear from the selection menus

I dont have the Antec software running and it happens with both the LCD and sensor panel.



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AIDA64 uses the SiUSBXp.dll module of Asetek water cooler drivers to access sensor readings for the liquid cooling device. It's a fairly simple communication protocol, but it has a drawback: we have no control over the actual data readout. In other words, this is not a low-level interface that provides direct access to hardware registers, but a simple high-level interface of "tell me the temperature and fan speed" -- and that's it. Therefore, we cannot fix such reading issues from our software :( If the mentioned Asetek module intermittently fails to read the values, we cannot fix that from AIDA64 I'm afraid.

Another explanation of that issue may be a background process or driver that also polls the Asetek LC sensors, and that polling sometimes collides with AIDA64. Do you have any other monitoring software running in the background?



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I've been pretty careful not to have any other unneeded monitoring running. Having AIDIA running usually gives me everything that I need. The only thing it doesnt do is control the fan speeds, etc. For that I do have a program running to control the GPU fan speeds. I use MSI afterburner for that, but wouldnt expect that it would have any bearing on this issue. But thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

Thanks for the response though if there is anything else you can think of let me know.


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