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Gadget display starts too slow


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Hi, I keep the gadget display on the right side of the screen. Whenever I boot, the display takes 6 to 8 seconds longer to load than everything else on my desktop. Is there some trick to making the gadget load faster e.g. moving AIDA64 Extreme to a different location or putting something in the registry.

Note: all the other gadgets that microsoft provides load much faster.

I don't care if the numbers are wrong until the first sample, but the gadget should be loaded before the first update.

Using Version 2.70.2232 beta with Windows 7 pro X64

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AIDA64 loads a bit slow at Windows startup due to its dynamically loaded kernel driver. I'm afraid we cannot fix that, since it's not AIDA64 that gets slow, but Windows itself gets sluggish while loading the dynamic kernel driver of AIDA64.



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I don't understand why windows would get slow while loading the dynamic kernel. I have a Quad core 64 bit machine running at 4.5 GHz with 8GB of 2150MHz Ram. running from a 500MBs SSD. I have plenty of room to run everything in RAM or on RAMdisk. I am only interest in the gadget view. When I boot through UFEI the Windows 7 system is stable in 15 seconds, but it takes an additional 15 seconds for ADIA64 gadget to load. Are there some functions I can chop out of AIDA to reduce the size of the kernel?

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