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Temperature sensors showing zero


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In Aida64 extreme I enabled the sensor symbols in the

system tray. When the program starts, the GPU temperature

and the GPU ambient temperature are shown correctly for

a short time. However, when the values are refreshed

the first time, those values are shown as zero. It does

not change anymore.

I do remember that I had the same issue with either

Aida32 or Everest years ago. Unfortunately I only

remember that it could be fixed, but I forgot completely


Now it is back in AIDA64. Can you please tell me what to

do? Is it something I have to change or is it a bug

which will be fixed in a later release?

BTW, in the latest version of Everest the GPU temperatures

are monitored correctly on the same hardware.

If you need further information (hardware, ...) let me know.

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1) Please let me know you hardware details, especially the video card (or video cards) model.

2) Which version of AIDA64 are you running?

3) Do you have everything else (except for the GPU temperatures) shown correctly on the Sensor page? Please copy-paste the full content of that page into this topic -- or create a screen shot.



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