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Aida64 Extreme - bloat and delayed start


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Please considering rewriting the AIDA64 Extreme STARTUP file to allow users to pick and choose which features get installed. For my purposes, the full AIDA64 Extreme program is bloatware. I am ONLY interested in the gadget display!!! I have no use for any other of the many AIDA64 functions

All the Microsoft Windows-7 gadgets appear on the desktop BEFORE any icons.

AIDA64 Extreme gadget requires additional 15 to 20 seconds to load after the desktop icons load on my 4.5GHz 64-bit Windows-7 machine. This is unacceptably TOOOO long.!!!

Please consider breaking up the different functions of AIDA64 Extreme into modular programs in order to make each one load in a shorter time. I expect the gadget monitoring and displaying of my selected parameters to be fully stable in less than 3 seconds after the desktop icons appear.

BTW the Microsoft Windows-7 CPU meter gadget is fully operational on my desktop before any icons even appear. Why can’t you do the same for all the AIDA64 parameters?

Thanks – Lee Gordon

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The slow startup of AIDA64 is caused by Windows itself that has difficulties loading the dynamic kernel driver of AIDA64 on some configurations. Even if we stripped down AIDA64 to an even lighter software (which we will not do), Windows would still load the very light sized AIDA64 kernel driver (less than 30 KiloBytes) rather slowly.

All of the Windows Gadgets that come built-in with Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not use a kernel driver, hence their loading at Windows startup could be swift.

BTW, before you call our software a bloatware, make sure to check what size is its files are (combined), and what memory footprint does AIDA64 have. Both values (typically both are under 30 MegaBytes) are fractions of a modern 3D game and several of the software you have installed on your Windows system.



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