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Radeon HD 7970 IceQ X2 Possible Malfunction? Or At Least With Aida64...


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Hey everyone, I just got a new computer from Cyber Power and am now stress testing it with various programs (HWmonitor Pro, Realtemp, GPU-z, Aida64, Heaven, and Prime95).

Before I used Aida64, I ran Heaven through a cycle and everything came out fine. Now when using Aida64 (I chose the stress GPU option and everything else for a full system stress test), the screen is showing odd blocky blue "background colored (Ex: Desktop background, different sizes of blocks that pierce through the graphics of the program shown) artifacts. I don't know if this is a GPU or Aida64 problem, but seeing as how it has only occurred when the GPU is being stressed to 100%, I'm thinking that it's the GPU. If anyone can refer me to some other GPU stress testers to make sure that it's the GPU, I'd appreciate it. If the artifacts still persist through other stress testers, I'm going to call tech support for my new computer. I'll have to see from the results of further testing.

Also, for some reason Aida64 stopped responding (perhaps due to the apparent lag on the screen when the GPU was constantly being stressed at around 70-100%) at around 45 minutes in so I closed it out and restarted it without testing the GPU but the rest of the hardware (cache, memory, CPU) for 40 minutes. Then, I unchecked everything except the GPU and got artifacts (the ones I described above) within the first minute or so. Seems suspicious, eh? I'll need more testing through other programs to prove that the GPU has a problem though, just to be sure. For the mean time, I guess I'll check out OCCT, FurMark, and maybe Memtest86+ (around 8 cycles should do, right?) after running Prime95 for around 12 hours overnight while I sleep.

If anyone knows anything about my problem, please help me out! Thanks in advance. :D

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In case the video adapter output shows artifacts, then my guess would be some sort of issue around the GPU.  You can check other 3D benchmarks and stress tests (like 3DMark, Furmark), although most of them will not stress the video adapter to 100% like AIDA64 does ;)




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