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Two GPU temps on 560Ti Hawk


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There are two GPU temps showed on Aida for my 560ti, one is called "GPU" and the other "diode". GPU is higher. On Afterburner and Furmark, one called "diode" in Aida, called GPU there. And one called "GPU" on Aida, does not exist on Afterburner and Furmark. On a previous thread i made here you said a temp called "ambient" on Aida was actually memory temp showed on Afterburner. So what is the higher temp called "GPU" on aida? (Please tell me if MSI is messing with their users by hiding their true GPU temp or not.) For example: on stress test on Furmark, one called "GPU" on aida went 90c, while other remained around 75c. Games are a bit lower but i haven't tested enough to give any numbers.


I'm asking this because if my GPU is as hot as the higher one on Aida, then i have a problem and i might need to return my gpu to the warranty before it fries. Thanks.

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If your card is equipped with a Nuvoton NCT77xx family sensor chip, then the both "GPU" temperature and "GPU Ambient" temperature are measured using that sensor chip.  "GPU" temperature comes from regiser#01 of the sensor chip, while "GPU Ambient" comes from register#00.


The 3rd reading (GPU Diode) is measured using the on-die (integrated) temperature diode of the GPU chip itself.




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Since all modern video adapters are equipped with self-protection against overheating, I wouldn't worry too much about the GPU being in danger -- unless of course you heavily increased the voltages.  BTW, on nVIDIA cards the thermal protection mechanism watches the "GPU Diode" temperature.

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