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Blocking sensor panel from refreshing when monitor sleeps?


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So i just bought a radeon 7850, i love it"s zero core function but there is a problem. If i leave aida 64 sensor pannel running it refreshes the screen and won"t let my card go into the zero core mode. Is it possiible to disable it from refreshing when windows put"s my screen to sleep mode? Or at least can i make a hotkey for hiding it?

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AFAIK reading sensor information by AIDA64 should still let Radeon HD 7000 family video adapters use their zero core function.  When you leave your computer running, and the display enters into power saving mode (turns off), does AIDA64 still show meaningful GPU temperature readings and other GPU related values?  You can verify that by enabling Logging to HTML file in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Logging.



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