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SSD average read access to high?


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I have a SSD (OCZ Agility 3 60GB) that is about half a year old now. I have the problem that my pc hangs for about 60 seconds (applications do not respond, mouse and keyboard do). As this mostly happens when using Firefox or Chrome I first thought, that it might have to do with these browser, but could not find any problems or not current plugins, etc. I searched further and got the impression that my SSD seems to cause this timeouts. So I checked my SSD with the read test suite of AIDA, that showed me an average access time of my SSD of 11ms, 28ms and 58ms in three different runs. I compared this to my old SSD (OCZ Vertex 2) that showed something below 1ms.


I also updated the firmware of the current SSD with no effect.


Does anyone have any information (e.g. comparable benchmark-results) or hints about this?


EDIT: Sorry, I just realised that I selected the wrong subforum by mistake. Can anyone move this thread to the benchmark-subforum?


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That access time is way too high.  It should be well under 1 (one) milliseconds.  I guess there's a background process, driver or service that causes latency issues in the Windows kernel.  Not easy to diagnose such issues though...

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Ok, thank you for that information. Do you now of any software to run such a benchmark from a bootable medium? I would really like to know if it is my windows installation or the drive itself that causes this issues.


EDIT: As I did not find any bootable media to to a ssd benchmark I tried it with another windows benchmark (AS SSD Benchmark) that showed significantly different results in multiple runs (see attached file). So I would have to consider that the Aida64-benchmark does not give correct results!?!




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Results may be different in AS SSD Benchmark, but:


1) AS SSD Benchmark performs high-level (file based) benchmarks, while AIDA64 uses low-level benchmarks (directly reading/writing disk sectors).  With AIDA64 performance limitations and configuration issues may look more apparent, more "dramatic".


2) Even in AS SSD Benchmark the values are much lower than what one could expect from an Agility 3 SSD, so there must be some serious issue with either your SSD, or with your system configuration.

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