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AIDA64 blocked by Windows Defender

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I just loaded up AIDA64 Extreme 6.88 and it alerted me to an available update.  I clicked okay to open the website where they have 6.90.  I clicked download from Techpowerup, selected the .zip archive version, picked a US server and downloaded.  I found nothing in my download folder.  Strange... I downloaded again.  This time I had a 0kb download and message from Windows Defender.  See image.

I tried again downloading from official site "download.aida64.com (EU)" instead of Techpowerup and I'm still getting the same result - blocked and quarantined.  Windows 11 and I already checked windows update and downloaded the latest security "intelligence" update prior to the last attempt to download.


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Some of you have reported a false positive alert from Windows Defender when downloading our software. We want to assure you that this is not a real threat and explain how you can verify it. We have scanned the latest AIDA64 Extreme v6.90 ZIP/portable version with virustotal.com. You can check the results on their website below. You can also check the MD5 hash of the file to confirm that it matches ours.


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