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fixed: Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H sensors


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I bought a while ago the Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H motherboard, and My processor is Intel Core i5 3570K.


In sensor page the cores temp is OK, but i can't find the TCase temp, and the motherboard temp is so high.


I'd like to know if this temps are right or it's a error on the sensor, and where i can see the TCase temp.




Here's the sensor values when the cpu is in high use
Field Value
Sensor Properties
Sensor Type ITE IT8728F  (ISA A30h)
GPU Sensor Type Diode  (NV-Diode)
Chassis Intrusion Detected Yes

Motherboard 67 °C  (153 °F)
CPU Package 76 °C  (169 °F)
CPU IA Cores 76 °C  (169 °F)
CPU GT Cores 67 °C  (153 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #1 73 °C  (163 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #2 76 °C  (169 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #3 76 °C  (169 °F)
CPU #1 / Core #4 69 °C  (156 °F)
PCH Diode 63 °C  (145 °F)
Aux 47 °C  (117 °F)
GPU Diode 65 °C  (149 °F)
Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 38 °C  (100 °F)

Cooling Fans
CPU 3214 RPM
Chassis 892 RPM
GPU 100%

Voltage Values
CPU Core 1.068 V
+3.3 V 3.663 V
+5 V 5.100 V
+12 V 12.800 V

Power Values
CPU Package 48.79 W
CPU IA Cores 41.28 W


# Sry for my bad english
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