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Plextor PX-128M5S/PX-256M5S & Plextor PX-0128M5S/PX-0256M5S


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At this moment there are 2 revisions of SSD drives Plextor M5S:


Plextor PX-128M5S/PX-256M5S - Marvell 88SS9174/Micron NAND 25nm


Plextor PX-0128M5S/PX-0256M5S - Marvell 88SS9187/TOSHIBA NAND 19nm






The current beta version is not well defined new revision.



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Thank you.  Since (unfortunately) both drive variants share the same model ID, what we can do is remove the "Micron 25nm" text and extend the "Marvell 88SS9174" text to "Marvell 88SS9174/9187".  In case Plextor comes up with a distinct model ID for the newer variant in the next firmware update, then we can re-adjust the SSD database entries to show more accurate information.




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