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Automatic Change Reporting & DB Management

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I'm testing AIDA64 for corporate use. I have it set up on several clients to run a batch job at system Startup which inserts all available data into a MS SQL Server database. That part works fine.


However, the database grows daily, and I have to manually delete outdated reports from it. It would be very useful if I could set a limit of (say) a weeks worth of outdated reports and then the app would automagically delete the older report data from the 'base. (That's the DB management part.)




The second thing is that, unless I am mistaken (?), I currently must manually run the Change Manager to generate a change report and see any changes. It would be really useful if I could run the app in the background - on my central machine I have it set to start with Windows - and have it automagically run the Change Manager and email me the Change Report every day ...


.. perhaps with a 'No Change' subject if the change report is empty, or a 'Change' subject when changes are detected.


Then I would only need to touch it when something actually requires investigation and possible intervention.


So far I am impressed tho. Very good hardware and OS support.




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Thank you for your suggestions, I think they're both great ideas, so we'll try to implement them soon.



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