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RTSS with AIDA/LCD - wrong value


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I would like to use RTSS to display the FPS on a small LCD. However, the LCD always shows me 1 fps less with AIDA.
I always have VSYNC on when I play. RTSS Overlay shows me 60fps - but on the LCD, i.e. via AIDA it only shows me 59.
To test it, try the same thing with 30fps lock. RTSS Overlay 30fps - AIDA over LCD 29.

Anyone have an idea what that is?
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Is it so important for you that it shows exactly 60 or 30? draw a number.
most likely the answer is on the surface, somewhere there is a delay in the time the counter is displayed on the screen,
you need to understand what vertical synchronization is, this is when the monitor frequency and the game frame rate are synchronized to display a smooth image without tearing, on modern monitors and TVs (in fact there is almost no difference), the refresh rate of the matrix can be different, 60Hz, 75Hz, 144Hz and so on, at a frequency of 60Hz, 1 frame changes in a time of 16.67ms and here it is important to understand that without triple buffering an error is possible, that is, a situation occurs when the frame was either not prepared, or was not processed by the video card, or was stuck in the queue at the monitor.. something like this The same thing happens with the LCD display of your RTSS.

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Even if I don't activate Vsync - RTSS with AIDA shows me 1fps less. Fraps doesn't cause any problems there, but it no longer works with many games.
And the only alternative in Aida is RTSS.
No matter what I use to display FPS, everything shows 1 FPS more than with AIDA.
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as far as I know, RTSS has an error setting, you need to study this, secondly, if it is important for you to simply see frames on the screen, then you can enable the counter in the video card driver; it will display frames directly on the main screen, or perhaps your display simply does not have time to update the data on the screen..


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