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plz help


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  • mugi changed the title to plz help

I don’t know all the sensors in this project, and even more so the sensors you want to use, it would be nice to decide

the background is a little more complicated, it looks like the color is not uniform blue, I think it will be possible to add the background later, as a separate picture

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I actually don't have much experience with it as it's my first time using these projects but I would be happy with what you can do with it, the more it looks like it the better. It's ok if you want to skip the ones you aren't familiar with or change them with what you think works best 

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6 minutes ago, JariKoi said:

Почему бы не воспользоваться функцией поиска по форуму? Вы вводите в поле поиска размер вашей панели 1024х600 и вводите. :ph34r: 1024x600  ,  1024x600  ,  1024x600  Или вы имеете в виду 600x1024?

and this is what it looks like, but I thought there were also sensors on the side... well, great, that means less problems for the person


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40 minutes ago, Shephard said:

then it may already look like something, with your permission, I would like to rest today, we will continue tomorrow, I hope you have time to get the result


Thank you so much for your efforts 

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