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AIDA64 G19 applet


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Hi all, i've been trying for 2 days to get soe semlence of a functional app designed using aida 64 for my logitech G19.  I have an intel 3930K and an hd7970.  I'mt rying to make a stylish display for the screen that displays ram, cpu, and GPU utilization as well as time and CPU, GPU, motherboard temp...but i cant for the life of my get anythingt hat doesnt look attrociously bad.  Was wondering if anyone here wants to make a few bucks and designit for me.  if this isnyt allowed i'll go elsewhere. :)

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I made a layout for my G19, but it does not update itself often, like takes 4-6sec before the display is updatet.

Is there any way to change how often the LCD display updates the display ?


Please avoid posting a single issue into multiple forum topics.  I've replied your question in your other topic ;)

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