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AIDA keeps completely changing my positioning and sizing


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I have had a couple of computer crashes for a few reasons, but one of the really extremely maddening things is that my sensor panel layout keeps getting messed up. The even more frustrating thing is AIDA keeps losing the default size of the panel and then shifting all of my items to fit on the, now incorrectly sized, panel. I am really pissed as it takes me at least 2 hours to carefully reposition everything.

I have a 1920x480 panel, but after my most recent crash AIDA has decided that my Sensor Panel size is 1200x300.... WHY? I set it to 1920x480 before, but it has set itself to random sizes over the past two times this has happened.

Now for the worst part - I exported my sensor panel to a file with all the positions good, but when I re-import it from the file ..... the positioning isn't saved apparently. So re-importing it doesn't fix the positioning problems. It sure saved the name changes I made though.

Here is what it should look like and how I saved it

Here is what it looks like even after re-importing

What can I do to stop this from happening again because I am about to find another piece of software if I have to re-do this constantly because my game crashed my PC.

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On 1/13/2024 at 10:41 PM, Exhumed said:

Yea that is great except that AIDA is not saving the sensor panel size. Nor does it make any sense that it is adjusting the X,Y coordinates of items. It should not do that. That is a bug in my view. The X.Y positions should be retained in the .sensorpanel file relative to the saved panel resolution and it doesn't appear it is doing that.


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This bug is a deal breaker; I am uninstalling AIDA and going to find something else to use. The constant changing of the sensor panel size which screws up the positioning and the fact that somehow the exported file doesn't save the sizing and position of the items relative to that size is ridiculous.

I hope someday they actually fix this issue.

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1 hour ago, JariKoi said:

This is really weird how it doesn't work for you but works for many others. And there is nothing wrong with your machine. You should probably report this "bug" here https://forums.aida64.com/forum/8-bug-reports/ 

The only thing "wrong" is from the AIDA perspective. It is storing any kind of desktop scaling applied to my monitor 1 (which is a 48" OLED) and scaling the sensor panel window based on that instead of the 1920x480 screen 3 which is the screen purpose built for this sensor panel.

So at random times, based on nothing I can ascertain, AIDA is changing the Sensor Panel size to random sizes. This morning it was set to 4800x1200.... but for the previous 3 days had been fine at 1920x480. Before that it randomly chose 960x240 (50%), another time it was 1240 x 960 or something strange.

The part that makes all of this worse is that I cannot fathom why AIDA is not storing the exact resolution set in AIDA as the sensor panel size and then storing all of the X,Y coordinates raw or at least relative to the sensor panel size that should be stored raw. If you want to give the option to the user to take into account any kind of scaling then make it an option that can be turned off or back on. 

According to Exhumed they know this exists, so this appears to not be a bug to them. Given that I think I will have to try Rainmeter and HWInfo.

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