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Improve Aida startup time by disabling which features ?


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Hello Guys/Gals,


New user here of Aida64, wow... what a peice of software.


I stumbled over it as i've recently moved onto Win8 x64 from Win7 x64, and was horrified to see I couldn't use my CPU and GPU gadgets anymore !!!


The search for an alternative was on and Rainmeter is just too complex for me to skin/setup, so then I found the Aida64 sensor panel.


As my primary use for this software will just be the sensor panel, i'd like to know what settings i can change/alter/disable in the preferences so that Aida loads quicker upon startup, and maintains the smallest footprint.


Ive got a 3570k @ 4.5ghz and x2 M4 64gb in Raid0 on a UEFI Win8 install, boot time is very quick, but Aida takes a fair few seconds to load up after everything else has finished.


I appreciate its a complex and powerful peice of software, but my goal is just to have the bare minimum enabled to allow funtionality of the sensor panel and items on it.


Cheers for reading.

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You can try disabling the following options on the Stability page in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences, although I don't think it would accelerate startup considerably.


Apple SMC sensor support

Dell SMI sensor support

Koolance TMS-200 sensor support

T-Balancer sensor support

Toshiba TVALZ sensor support


The delays are most definitely caused by the RAID scanning, but since you have a RAID array in your system, disabling that feature may not be the best idea ;)



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