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SensorPanel/OSD sensors updates stutter gaming

Bryan Liu

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I recently got myself a second monitor and put an Aida SensorPanel on it. It worked fine and all the readings were correct. But when I was playing Forza Horzon 4 (later I found it was the same with basically every single game), I found the game stuttered every 1 or 2 seconds, which ruined the experience. And my Update Frequency in Aida Harware Monitoring is 1500ms, fitted right in. So I changed it to 500ms and now the game stuttered every half a second. I replaced SensorPanel with OSD and tried again, the stutters stayed. Then I shut down both with Aida running and the stutters disappeared all at once, just the same as when Aida was not. So it's clear that every time SensorPanel/OSD updates the sensors, my games stutter. I read some other contents and unchecked literally everything in the Stability that I didn't need (including both ECs), but it solved nothing at all. How can I get that fixed? 

By the way, my PC: AMD 5700x; MSI X570S Torpedo Max; RX 6950XT Founder's Edition; 32G RAM @3600MHz; Windows 10 21H2; AIDA64 version 6.80.6200

SensorPanel is the main reason why I chose Aida over other competitors. I haven't bought a license yet, but I would be very willing to if this could be fixed. 

I could use some help ASAP! Thanks a lot.

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3 minutes ago, JariKoi said:

All I can think of is that the hdmi cable is properly connected at both ends and is it working? My mouse froze when the cord was a little loose. You should probably ask this here https://forums.aida64.com/forum/9-hardware-monitoring/

As a matter of fact, my "new monitor" is actually an old Android phone and I use Spacedesk to connect it to my PC, wirelessly😂. So it can't be cable connection problem on the second screen because there isn't any. As for the main one, it works perfectly fine as long as all harware monitoring are disengaged. 

But thanks anyway.

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12 hours ago, rinaldop said:

Several people have experienced this problem over the years as seen here


You might want to read them all and see what worked. 

Read them all, tried everything mentioned, nothing works. I noticed that most of the similar issues occured on Asus motherboards or Intel cpus, but I have neither on my PC...

Thanks anyway.

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On 2/5/2024 at 2:44 PM, BHSY_289 said:

Are you using 2 monitors at the same time, not including your old Android phone? If you are, try disconnecting one of them and see if the stutter is gone while playing the game.

A slight stuttering happened to me yesterday evening while I was playing The Division 2 game. From 75 fps drop to 70, 71 fps. I have 3 monitors, 27", 24" and 12.5" (1920 x 515 ppi sensor panel). I forgot to disable my 24" monitor and the game stutter. Once I disabled it, the fps returned back to 75 fps.

I'm using an Intel CPU and Gigabyte motherboard by the way.

No, I don't. My only 2 monitors are one 34''(3440*1440) and the 7''(1024*600) pad. By the way, I do lost about 2% fps when the pad is connected, but the frame rate stays stable and doesn't disturb the game much. 

Thanks anyway.

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