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Window's Display Scaling impacts Sensor Panel


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On my PC I have my main monitor and a sensor panel within my main screen and upgraded my monitor to a higher resolution Widescreen, ie: Previously 1920x1080 -> 3440x1440 & 800x480 for the Sensor Panel. Due to the pixel density of the screen and the how my new monitor is roughly 30% wider, anything Windows based has shrunk in size and is laid out fairly far away. So I decided to try out the Window's Display Scaling feature to boost the scaling from 100%->125%.

What happened is that the details for the Sensor panel all got adjusted as well by that extra 25%, meaning that if you look at Preferences -> Sensor Panel -> Sensor Panel Size the previous 800x480 has auto adjusted to 1000x600, along with the location and settings for all the items within that Sensor Panel. The Sensor Panel display is now too big for the second screen.

Attached image shows the additional 25% and how each of the elements have stretched beyond the background image.

Screenshot 2024-02-26 092610.png

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