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No VRAM temperature sensor for RDNA2 cards?

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11 hours ago, JPetrillo13 said:

I wonder if you will ever add support for VRAM temp monitoring for RDNA2 GPUs, I have a 6800 XT. Ty.

In AIDA64 please press Ctrl+Alt+D --> Video Debug --> ATI GPU Registers. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post.


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1 hour ago, JPetrillo13 said:

Any news for this case? HWiNFO does show the VRAM junction temp for my 6800 XT. Thanks.

There's no offical, AMD-approved method to read that temperature on your video card.  HWiNFO uses proprietary methods to go deeper, but we deem that quite risky since it may cause collision with the video driver.

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2 hours ago, JPetrillo13 said:

But Aida64 can read VRAM temp for other cards, isn't it? What about implementing that feature for RDNA 2 so AMD users can have that option too? Much of us wont use two separate softwares. 

It doesn't work that way. Each GPU generation has its own interfaces and own measured values that they expose via either an official API or via undocumented/unofficial methods.

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8 hours ago, JPetrillo13 said:

I understand that, but we will never have VRAM temperatures for these GPUs from Aida then?

I cannot promise anything about this matter.

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