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fixed: AIDA64 + Windows 8.1 BSoD (Asus Z87-Deluxe + i7-4770K)


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We've tested it on our Asus Z87-Pro motherboard, and it seems this issue is due to a BIOS bug of Asus Z87 Series boards.  We've notified Asus about this issue, hopefully they will fix their BIOSes.  I'm not quite sure however why only Windows 8.1 throws a BSoD when reading from the invalid memory address provided by the ACPI BIOS.  It works similarly on our test systems: under Win7 and Win8 no BSoD is generated, the memory reading simply fails.


Until Asus could fix the BIOS, we'll implement a workaround in AIDA64 to avoid the BSoD.  It will be rolled out as a new AIDA64 beta release in a few days.




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I Hope some one can help me i have got the

MB: Asus Z87-Deluxe/Bios ver.1205
CPU: Intel Core i5 7670K corsair 8GB DDR3


Video IGPU


from the time I install it with any Windows from win 7,8,8.1 they all have BUG's

slow to log in when the system starts at windows log in can not do any thing after drivers for USB have been installed. need to wait some time. both win7 and win 8 do the same

no RAID set up in post start up, even if its set in the BIOS.

all USB3.0 dont work all the time after win 8 has been installed when booting a USB Drive or USB flash, but will work if you are installing win8 from win 7as a clean install.

not all driversfrom the ASUS work on win7, but mots work in win8 but not all.

blue tooth dont work any more at all win7 and win 8 tell me the divice is not detected.

can some one shed some light on all this

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