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Ideas for mounting sensor panels inside PC cases?


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Im building a PC, i have all the parts but the GPU, the PC is up and running because my CPU is the i9 13900K that have an iGPU so i could start the machine and install my softwares, dedicated GPU will come later when i'll have the money.

Today my sensor panel arrived and i tested it a bit, the cip on the controller board gets very hot, not too happy about it but i have some small aluminium heat sinks and i will ad one to the microcip, the screen and the controller are like the one in the second last attached picture.


I want to mount the panel exactly how it seats now but i dont have any ideas how to fix it there to be stable at the edge, any tips would be welcomed, also pictures if you can spare the time to make some! My idea for the mounting of the screen is to attach somehow an L shaped bracket to the back of the screen and then the other part i could screw down to the grill of the bottom of the case, the bracket i think about its like in the last attached picture. I also need to buy a HDMI cable that is thinner and less rigid cause the HDMI cable that i got with the display its too rigid.  Everything is work in progress!







lcd 2.jpg

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I was lucky to get 14" panel which perfectly fits my Corsair 7000. Don't judge the image and current setup - I am still reworking the panel layout as it is now 3840x1100 and waiting for right cables to move panel to the edge of the frame.

But I need nothing to engineer - it just fits the case. I was thinking to use flat magnets, but no need, so far.


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Thanks for the tips guys, i didnt get my GPU yet so i didnt tried to mount it, i will try to find an L shaped bracket so that i can move the screen a bit forward if needed, if not ill try the double sided tape.

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