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AIDA64 prevents HDD from going into standby?


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I've got a SSD as my primary HDD and some personal data on a conventional HDD. It seems that AIDA64 prevents the second HDD from going into standby. Can anybody confirm this?

It's important for me, because that HDD is the loudest part in my PC  ^_^


My second point (I don't want to open two threads): Is it possible, not only to send data to RTSS, but to receive data (the FPS to be specific) like MSI Afterburner is doing it? I'm using the G15 LCD plugin and the frames per second would be the last missing value  :)


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1) Reading SMART values (incl. drive temperature) out of HDDs and SSDs make them keep going to sleep.  This is a firmware limitation that is still not addressed after so many years :(  What you can do is increase the Disk temperature polling frequency value in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Hardware Monitoring.


2) Fraps is the only external software that AIDA64 supports to import values from.




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Matt's situation is similar to mine.

However, I am not satisfied with variants hourly awakening hard drive to determine temperature.

How to completely turn off the hard drive temperature monitoring in AIDA64?


We've added a new option (Enable disk temperature measurement) to the AIDA64 Preferences / Hardware Monitoring page.  Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme available at:
After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.
Let me know if it suits your needs ;)
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