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Disabling AVX for stresstest? Haswell Voltage Offset

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Hi There!


I just purchased Aida64 as I started to really like it and prefering it to stresstest over Prime =)


The thing is...  Haswell CPU will demmand extra Voltage when running stresstest running AVX, but only under stress conditions.. the cpu, working on everyday basis and running also other intensive Programs like handbrake, cinebench, etc will not require that extra voltage. So I want to use adaptive voltage on bios to determinate the required voltage under normal stress conditions... the cpu itself will get more voltage when using AVX stress anyway... so I want to find a Stable voltage without the "more voltage demanding AVX".. sofar I only find to be able to use the old Prime 26.6 for stresstesting without AVX.. but this one will keep bsdo me even everything else seems to be stable so I am not trusting it and I would love to be able to test my haswell without AVX being used (without the cpu demanding automatically more voltage) with AIDA64...is it possible?


Thanks in Advance =)



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If you use only the "FPU" subtest in AIDA64 System Stability Test, then you can try the worst case scenario for your processor: an AVX accelerated heavy stress test that will put the most demanding load on the CPU.  With the "FPU" subtest your CPU will reach the highest power draw and the highest temperatures as well.


If you don't want to put so much stress on the CPU, to test the "without AVX" scenario, then in the AIDA64 System Stability Test just enable all tests except for the "FPU" subtest.




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Thanks for the Answer. BUt its the "FPU" Subtest only AVX related? or does also besides stresstest other things I may miss not using it?

Also using the "cache" subtest forces the CPU to use more voltage.


It would be excellent  to have an option like "disable/dont use AVX".

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"FPU" subtest uses AVX acceleration on certain AVX capable processors.  It's not possible to disable AVX acceleration, unless of course you switch to Windows 7 SP0 or Windows XP -- where AVX is not available due to Windows kernel restrictions.

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