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why am i not getting no help with my CPU

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can you help me 
The problem I am having is my Fans for the CPU are not showing up in the Modify iterm list is not 
mentioned or shown in the Cooling Fans and Fan Speeds section

my Version of AIDA64 Is v7.20.6802
so i send you my ISA Sensor Dump on the 20/4/2024 and you get back saying

Thank you!  Everything seems to be fine there.  
I suppose your CPU fan was not shown in the list of the available sensor 
items because the CPU fan wasn't spinning at that time.

so i send you this message saying

Even if the CPU fan wasn't spinning, it should be shown in the list as the same way 
GPU Fans are shown even they remain at 0 RPM. I think, problem is somewhere else. 
Please suggest! 
but it has not Solve the issue 


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sorry i bin away i do not no as i am all new to this as i built my PC a few months ago

my set up

my CASE: HYTE Y60 in white


my FANS: Lian-Li UNI FAN AL120 V2 ARGB PWM Lüfter


my CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950x  

my M.2: Samsung 990 PRO 2TB PCle 4.0 ( Up to 7450 MB/s)NVMe M.2 (2280) 

my Display Monitor:  

my CPU Cooler 360mm:ASUS ROG Ryujin III 360 with a 3.5” LCD Display, White

my GRAPHICS CARD ASRock Radeon RX 7900 XTX Taichi OC 24GB 


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you need to check your bios to make sure you have your fans running. read you manual on how to get into the bios ( press F2 or del is a lot of MOB) I cannot hold your hand you need to figure this out.  the fans have to be seen in bios before they will work in the sensors. good luck

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from what I can see you have the possibility of 6 fans, 1 pump, and a flow meter? that is some setup.  anyway none of the fans are running or not connected.  change the setting from auto to pwm and make sure your fans are plugged in correctly.  all four pins in the correct holes.  now you are going to ask how do I know that?  the jack or pins on the mob ar 4 in a row with a little plastic guide off center on one of the longer sides.  the plug (wire) has four holes and on one side also off center is a guide.  these two guides go together.  i will bet your fans run but do not vary in speed good luck again

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the use of the li fan controller negates any bios control and aida 64 reporting. that is why you have no fan speed reporting. by the way great setup.  


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