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iGPU Sensor Disappears (Dell Studio 1558)


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Recently my Laptop is crashing frequently. On analyzing it seems that "iGPU" temperature reaches 100C. I am using Discrete ATI 5470 GPU and its temperature reading is normal which come under the name of "GPU Diode".

I have also observed that sometime iGPU temperature reading disappears. There is huge difference in GPU Diode & iGPU temperature. Normally 52C & 72C respectively. Kindly suggest why two different temperatures are coming and what could be the cause of iGPU temperature spike beyond 100C while GPU temperature remains normal.


What is iGPU Temperature as my Intel HD Graphics is disabled.


DELL Studio 1558 Laptop

ATI Mobility 5470 1GB




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GPU Diode temperature is detected via a direct GPU call, using the integrated on-die temperature diode of your GPU.  Hence it's the actual temperature you should watch for overheating or any discrepancies.


The other temperature (iGPU) is measured using Dell SMI ACPI calls.  It uses an external sensor placed near your GPU chip, and so may or may not show an accurate temperature reading.


As long as your computer runs stable, and the GPU Diode temperature reading doesn't go above 110 Celsius, your GPU should be fine.





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Thanks for the prompt reply Fiery. But I have some more concerns.


1. Why it happens that sometimes AIDA64 shows iGPU sensor temperature and sometimes not.


2. iGPU sensor shoots to 107C while GPU Diode sensor remains at 65C. On reaching 107C, the system crashes.


3. If the case is faulty iGPU sensor, is there a way to disable it so that the system does not crash.

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1) It's possible that sometimes the iGPU reading shows 0 Celsius or above 200 Celsius, and AIDA64 filters out such invalid readings.


3) I'm afraid it's only possible via a BIOS update or BIOS hack.  You need to consult Dell to find out what can be done.

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