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Is it ok to run all the devices in a stress test at once?

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Hey all totally new here and to building my own PC.  A friend strongly recommended AIDA 64 and after getting everything installed and up and running today I decided to buy a copy and run the stability test.
By default it had CPU, FPU, Cache and System Memory checked. I ran those 4 defaults for 2 hours and had no issues whatsoever aside from some cursor lag while it was running(which I would assume is normal...if not please let me know).

I want to now stress test my GPU and was wondering if checking all the boxes and running a full stress test is ok? I assume it is but I just wanted to be sure. 

Edit:  Mouse lag went away after doing SSD optimizations :) 

Great program this is especially for a novice user.

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In case you want to test your system's overall stability, then having every subtests enabled is the way to go.

However, if you're looking for maximum CPU thermal stress, to check whether you system cooling is adequate, then you should only have the FPU subtest enabled.  The FPU subtest uses a special code path with AVX/FMA/SSE optimizations that is capable of putting maximum power and thermal load on the processor.





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Thanks Fiery!  I used Unigine Heaven 4.0 on a loop for the GPU while waiting for a reply.  All of the hardware seems to be working fine. Sadly the first game I installed(Splinter Cell) Blacklist is crashing on me. I hope it is just a game issue or me failing at my install method.

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