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Stress testing a 4770k

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If I am wanting to just stress test my CPU at stock what is the difference in the stress CPU or the stress FPU option?

Also is there anything for me to worry about other than temperatures? if it gets too hot will it just automatically stop or no?

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If you want to stress your processor's thermal capabilities (to check whether its cooling is adequate), you should only use the FPU subtest and nothing else.  Otherwise, if you would like to check your system's overall stability, then you can enable all subtests.  Let it run for at least a few hours to make sure your system gets warmed up properly ;)


Modern Intel processors have a built-in facility to prevent overheating and physical damage, even when the processor is under an extreme load -- like the FPU subtest of AIDA64 System Stability Test :)  Additionally, most system BIOSes also have a feature that shuts the system down automatically if the overall case temperature gets too hot.

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