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Windows 8 test performance

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Hi there, so im have a little doubt about the true value of memory benchmark, i have a phenom x4 965 and in windows 7 x64 it got some faster results in memory read and copy over windows 8 pro x64.


The results is this:


Windows 7 result

Memory Read: 14500 mb/s

memory write: 8000 mb/s

Memory Copy: 12540 mb/s



Windows 8 results

Memory Read: 10095 mb/s

Memory Write: 7566 mb/s

Memory Copy: 7963 mb/s

latency: 69.6



So im in doubt what making this different results, maybe windows 7 showing it wrong, or windows 8 is the problem, or because my cpu is too old for the new benchmark. The L1,L2,L3 cache got some few variation only in some points. I make the test many times and the average is what show up.



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Hello, yes i used same version, aida64 3.20.2600. I just installed windows 8 x64 to test battlefield 4 beta, because dont run well in windows 7. Beyond aida64 i tested winrar performance, and there too i got worse performance compared to windows 7.


Winrar performance decrease from 4000-4100 kb/s in windows 7 x64 to 3600-3700 kb/s in windows 8 x64. Using same version 4.20 x64 winrar.


I dont know if matters, but i installed each OS in differente HDD, but them have same 7200rpm, windows 7 in 500gb segate and 100gb for OS partition, and windows 8 2tb seagate 200gb for OS partition


So im confused, maybe windows 8 is a heavy OS?

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Windows 8 shouldn't have such an impact on system performance.  It could either be that your hardware configuration/setting has changed somehow (due to a BIOS update for example) between the two operating systems.  Can you please post a screen shot of the Cache & Memory Benchmark Panel, showing all system parameters and all memory/cache benchmark results? (under Windows 8)


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Let me say something, im not expertise but i understand about overclocking and hardware setup like cpu frequency, Northbridge frequency, memory frequency/latency make difference in this benchmark of aida64 memory and winrar bench.I say that because i was addicted to overclock my hardware these last days benchmarking in winrar and aida64 memory in windows 7.


So i know that, i make a fair comparison, and checked the hardware configuration, and make both benchs over same config specs: Cpu: 3.4ghz, nb: 2000mhz, memoryy: 8gb 3 sticks 1333mhz 9-9-924-33 1t. I gonna show you both win7 and win8 aida64 memory bench first. I used hdd's in AHCi mode in both hdd OS systems with AMD ahci chipset installed.


win8 result: http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/4159/vozc.png


win7 result: http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2562/x8at.png

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Thank you for the screen shots.  It's quite surprising to see such results.  But since you've stated that in other software (WinRAR) -- that happens to be latency and cache sensitive -- you can also see a drop of performance, it must be the Windows 8 kernel that does things a bit differently on your system.


BTW, you mentioned you've got 3 memory modules in your system.  Have you tried to install just 2 identical modules, in the favorable (primary) DIMM sockets, just to make sure there's an optimal dual-channel operation for your motherboard?  I wonder what sort of performance would you get with such changes.

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Starting, i wasted your time, sorry for that. While i make a lot of bench in differents ways like memory clocks, timmings, nb clock, cpu clock to benchmark winrar and aida64 memory somedays ago in windows 7, i tested too in dual channel 2 sticks i have 2gb same models, and i see the memory bench of aida64 got more stable values without vary so much like 3 sticks.


So testing in windows 8 with only 2 sticks of 2gb that make same stable values like windows 7 make with 2x2gb. Thats a solved problem, but strange win7 can make best values with 3 sticks and windows 8 cannot.


Dual channel 2x2gb windows 7: http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/2240/biqr.png


Dual channel 2x2gb windows 8: http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/6018/extv.png


Thanks for help.

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