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Wrong CPU temperature reading (Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3)


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Im using AIDA64 extreme 3.20.2638 Beta

Motherboard -  Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

CPU - FX4300

Sensor type - ITE IT8728F  (ISA 228h)


1. I'm getting incorrect CPU temperature readings

2. I'm getting incorrect list of HDD (in reality I have 4 different WD 500GB disks)


Could you please recommend AIDA setup / fix the problem?


Sensor screen, ISA dump and SMbus dump are attached





Sensor Screen.txt

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On modern AMD processors the core temperature diode may provide incorrect, very low readings when the processor is idle. When we've asked AMD about this, they said that the diode will only provide reliable readings when the CPU is under load.  It's a hardware issue that we cannot fix from AIDA64.


As for the HDD issue, that usually happens when you have multiple drives connected to an AMD SATA controller configured as RAID controller.  AMD's RAID drivers do not provide the necessary ATA passthrough interface to access all drives of the RAID array, but instead it only allows access to the first drive.




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