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msi Z87-G45 GAMING motherboard temp


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i have a problem with the motherboard temperature  of my msi  Z87-G45 GAMING  mobo


in my aida64 extreme 3.20.2638 beta (registered)  it stays all the time at 28 C


however with speedfan it shows the correct temp  (going up and down depending on idle/load)


also the voltages shown look a bit off


i attached the sensor debug info in a text file


Any look into this matter is much appreciated


with regards







msi Z87-G45 GAMING.txt

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Thank you for the sensor dump.  It looks like AIDA64 has difficulties reading motherboard temperature on your board.  Somehow the sensor chip doesn't provide a stable and reliable motherboard temperature reading.  It could be because the low-level sensor module of AIDA64 collides with another monitoring application.  Do you have any such applications installed, either made by MSI or another company?





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thx for the reply Fiery


the colliding was correct when i was using hwinfo64, but besides aida64 and speedfan, i dont have any other monitors running, i disabled speedfan, samsung magician,asus gpu tweak, but aida64 stays showing 28 C on mobo temp, can it be that something stays behind in the registery that conflicts?

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Thank you for the feedback.  Please note that AIDA64 uses standard synchronization mutexes to synchronize its low-level hardware access functions with other software.  AFAIK SpeedFan uses the same mutexes (so as CPU-Z, HWiNFO, HWMonitor, SIV, etc), but maybe it isn't implemented there properly :(

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only thing i see is a difference between sensors :


aidai64:  Sensor Type    Nuvoton NCT6779F  (ISA A00h)


speedfan sensor type nuvoton NCT6779D



btw even msi's own software "command centre" also conflicts the mobo temps with aida64"


so i stay using only aida64 since it has that nice display on my logitec g19S  :P

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