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System Stabilty Test - CPU Usage 0% - Still Green?

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I did a quick look through the forums and didn't see anyone ask this...


Sometimes when I run the system stability test I notice the cpu usage goes from 100% to 0-2%, the window stays green and doesn't indicate a test has failed. I've had this happen when only FPU is checked and I also test using, FPU, Cache, Memory, and CPU and have seen the same thing happen.  Is AIDA64 doing something with cache or memory at this time that does not utilize cpu 100%?  I haven't watched it for more than 5-10minutes when its doing this so I'm not sure if it ever goes back up, just curious.



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Hi, I've been having the same issue. After about 5-10 minutes of FPU testing the CPU usage drops down to ~20%.


The CPU (4770K) is overclocked / over-volted. No other stability issues - Prime95 and non-FPU Aida tests work normally.


Does this indicate an issues with stability or the software?

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