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System Stability Test


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Hey all,

I was previously experiencing random restarts etc. I work with computers for a living, but am now trying out the stability test monitor to see if I should buy this product. I would like to ask does anyone know if the system stability test completes and forumaltes a report or does it just continue and supply information through the tabs. I have gathered useful data through the tabs so far, but It would be gr8 if it comes up with a diagnosis at the end. Could anyone confirm? As it has been running for a few hours now.

Thank you in advance,


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The idea of the System Stability Test is that any stable systems should be able to run it for days or weeks, non-stop, without errors. So you start the test, and you should have it running for at least 12 hours. If the computer does not fail (does not freeze, does not restart), and the test keeps running without displaying any error messages, then the computer shall be considered fairly stable. If you specifically looking for any overheating issues, then only have the "FPU" test enabled, and the rest of the tests disabled. Otherwise, enable everything, and see if your computer can stand the stress :)



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