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Fan noise : fan or motherboard's problem ?


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Well, for a couple of months now, my fan is doing some loudy creepy sound when he is on, the kind of sound it's unsupportable to work with. 


I firstly thought it was due to the dust inside but even after I cleaned it (pretty in details, I even opened the fan to clean it nicely) the noise didn't disappear. 


I observed that the fan is more often doing that sound when my computer is on battery, or in charge but not totally charged. Maybe the problem is the fan itself, and maybe it is the motherboard, so I would like your help here!


I can upload a video of my fan doing the sound (I opened my computer) if that can help, let me know. For now, I'm just uploading an AIDA64 report (while I am doing the report, the fan is silent).



Thank you !


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I'm pretty sure it's the fan that has a faulty bearing or some other issue.  You have to have the fan replaced to make the noise go away.  Since your computer seems to be quite modern, it may still be under warranty.  Try to ask the shop about the issue, they may have already found similar issues with notebooks like yours.



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