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Unable to extract license for Office 2013 Home and Business Edition


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I'm facing this problem for quite long time already (since the release of Microsoft Office 2013).


I have few PCs come with OEM Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Business Edition (SEA region)and Windows 7 x64.


I bought all PCs from Dell Malaysia.


Thank you for your time.


p/s: I believe there's already another similar thread (upon searching) but it's of another edition which is solved.


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I just hit the same problem....missing key is really a pain.


what about following ?


cd "\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15"

cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus


Last 5 characters of installed product key: XXXXX



It's at least giving last 5 characters, can't you implement it ?

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So far we haven't found one single solution to that problem.  That's mostly because Office 2013 is a bit odd when it comes to storing license keys.  It may store one or more keys, one grace key and the real license key.  It may store a full grace key and a partial real license key, etc.

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