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Razer ultimate Keyboard LCD


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I let the AIDA sub lapse for a while. I recently received a Razer Keyboard with the LCD on it and it is really great so far.


I am using ADIA on it now and more screen is giving me more freedom and options


Id like to thank you all for putting in this feature and would love to see if more can be added.


There are several buttons above the LCD that would be great to use.


If we could use it to switch pages, or do other things that would be awesome.

Is there anyway to switch pages on the LCD, like with the G19?


I really liked having that feature, 




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Switching between 4 pages is already supported.  The left-most 4 buttons in the bottom row are dedicated to switching between pages, and the 5th button brings up the Preferences.  The only problem is: due to an unknown reason the Razer SBUI SDK isn't able to put images on the buttons.  We'll keep investigating this as soon as Razer updates the SDK to a newer release.



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