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Motherboard\Memory Section partial redesign


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i think it would be good to redesign finally the above section.

In the specific,

remove the actual "Virtual Memory" part, completely nonsense and useless,

then change the actual "Swap Space" name, quite misleading because it includes ALL the memory of the system

(Physical+Pagefile swap file), not only the "swap space"

and rename it instead "Virtual Memory" as wisely Mark Russinovich of Systinternal defines it.

Hope this will be implemented.

Thank you

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actually, no its not. but since you think it is, im not going to explain to you why it isn't.

The purpose to that statement you propose the purpose is:

so fiery knows that some people oppose the idea.

Maybe it's just me, but that does not sound like a declaration of opposition to the idea. What I get from that post is the OP being chastised by you and then dismissed with a point of smugness.

A comment of opposition would be useful, polite, and helpful. Your post is none of that. In fact, you statement isn't a declaration of opposition at all. It's is an afront to the OP.

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