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Sluggish Proformance


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Hi Guys

Over the past week i have been trying to fix my laptops proformance problem. Its generally slow to boot up, slower with games then it use to be and slower to open up applications. I did a fresh reformat. Defragged. Cleaned my Registry but still no help :( as a last hope im going to post my report on this forum and see if anyone else has any ideas

Here is the Txt File download. Its 1.8mgs i did a full report.

Laptops Report

Thanks guys in advanced

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I suppose your notebook may be overheating. If you check the temperatures, the ones about the CPU and HDD seem to be very high:

   Sensor Properties:
     Sensor Type                                       CPU, HDD, ACPI
     GPU Sensor Type                                   Diode  (ATI-Diode)

     CPU                                               71 °C  (160 °F)
     CPU #1 / Core #1                                  79 °C  (174 °F)
     CPU #1 / Core #2                                  79 °C  (174 °F)
     GPU Diode (DispIO)                                68 °C  (154 °F)
     GPU Diode (MemIO)                                 69 °C  (156 °F)
     WDC WD5000BEVT-22ZAT0                             56 °C  (133 °F)

   Cooling Fans:
     GPU                                               30%

Try to check the ventilation of the notebook case. Maybe the exhaust ports are blocked by dust (?)

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