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mySQL - problem

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I installed aida64 network edition and generate reports into the mysql database.

on PC, win 7 64bit is installed aida(last version) + mysql (xammp). In aida menu I´d configured database with manual. after click "Test" - Successful database connection.

I have share \\IP\aida\... - for testing everyone read.

When I try to run on same PC CMD: \\IP\Aida\aida64.exe /r /database /sum - I have in database manager correct report. Cool, but...

When I try to run on client station same CMD - I have nothing in the manager. I cannot find any problem with configuration.

Is it exists some loging?



Could you help me please?


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You can enable logging to a .ADO file (which is a plain text output file) if you alter your command-line like this:


\\IP\Aida\aida64.exe /r \\IP\AidaReports\$HOSTNAME /database /sum
Of course you need to create a new network share (\\IP\AidaReports), and provide your network users write-only access to the folder.
BTW, do you have MySQL Connector/ODBC installed on your client stations? ;)
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