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Req. need readings for agp/pcie speeds on a few boards


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I need pci-e bus speed readings for 2 boards.

The dfi ut 790fx-m2r

And asus crosshair iv formula.

And agp speed readings for another 2 boards, been some time since I checked so I don't know if the support exists for this already or not.

Dfi nf2 ultra b

Dfi nf2 ultra a

I get asked about it once in a while and I have no way of proving the speeds I have them running at.

I get alot of doubts and I need a way of proving that I'm running at the speeds.

And don't limit the readings on the nf2's, just a heads up.

I wanna know if clock gen is setting it correctly past the 100mhz bios limit for agp, been up to 500mhz agp (with a pci card, limit for agp cards is around 150) on the ultra b so I'de like to know just how high it's really going...

Please implement at least the pcie speed readings for the 2 boards I listed above as soon as you can.

Thanks :).

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nForce chips implement an integrated PLL that is well-documented. Hence it's relatively easy to read PLL settings on any nForce-based motherboards in AIDA64.

However, other chipsets (e.g. AMD 7-series and 8-series) has no integrated PLL, hence PLL settings readout method depends on the PLL chip mounted on the motherboard. And motherboard manufacturers don't give out documentation for the PLL chip used, and so it's not possible for us to implement PLL settings readout in AIDA64 :)

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