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Machines being double counted in Audit Report


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i ran the Audit Manager and looked at the view called Statistics 2 (Wide).  Under Installed Programs + Version it shows Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 with the number 50 under the "N" column.  I'm assuming this is the number of machines that it found MS Office Enterprise 2007 on?

However, when I double click on that line ( Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 ), it pops up another window  called Statistics Detail: "Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007"

that only shows 25 computers.  The number 25 is correct.  The number 50 is  not.  Why is it double reporting?




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We've just released a new beta version with a fix to this problem. It was caused by some Microsoft products which tend to create duplicated entries for their software in Windows Registry. You can update to latest Business beta version by enabling auto-update to beta versions in Preferences or manually from here: http://www.aida64.com/downloads/ (You may need to enter your product key in the form to proceed to downloads)


I've moved this topic to bug reports. 

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