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G19 applet info corrupts second USB LCD


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Hello everyone.

Just starting with AIDA64. I was impressed by the G19 LCD applet editor. I quickly succeded to build a pretty nice one.

BUT, when I looked at my USB GTT Matrix orbital lcd built in my case, I realized that, in sync with the g19 lcd update (1000ms), my MO LCD was also receiving some ASCII caracters which was corrupting the display. This comes from AIDA64 since when I shut it down, the ascii caracters stopped from being sent to the MO display.

Any hint?

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AIDA64 only communicates with the Logitech LCD driver through the proprietary Logitech API, so the USB "pollution" must come from the Logitech drivers.  Or, in case you can see the same issue without the Logitech LCD support enabled in AIDA64, like when you're just viewing the Computer / Sensor page, then there's a chance one of the AIDA64 sensor modules causes it.  In that case try to disable the following features in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability:


HID UPS sensor support

Koolance TMS-200 sensor support

T-Balancer sensor support





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OK Fiery, you nailed it! The culprit was indeed the T-balancer sensor support (the two others are innocents). My USB Matrix Orbital GTT display is now clear of ASCII caracters even with LCD G19 support enabled.

Wouldn't be able to find this myself! Thanks a lot!

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