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DPC Latency AIDA64 Running adds over 1000 microseconds


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After spending days troubleshooting this, I finally started disabling things in AIDA64.  The moment I disabled low-level PCI in the stability menu, my DPC latency went from peaking at 2k to an a peak of 134.  It also resolved the issues I was having with my USB DAC dropping out from time to time.  I have an ASUS Maxiumus VI Extreme running bios 1302.  I have already completely cleaned AI Suite from my system as part of the troubleshooting, and yes, prior to that I did enable the ASUS monitoring (ATKxx) in AIDA64 stability settings.  In any event, without the PCI (or actually any of the stability features required to get sensor data) everything works like a champ.


So... my question is, how do we go about troubleshooting this?  If I run AI Suite (when it was installed) without AIDA64, the DPC average only goes up slightly to a peak of 168.  I need AIDA64's output to WMI/Shared Memory to support my Aquaero.  


Let me know what dumps I can/should provide to get some assistance.  Thanks!

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1) What version+build of AIDA64 are you running?


2)What version of Windows do you have installed? (32-bit or 64-bit)


3) Do you have any external drives connected, either via eSATA, USB or FireWire?




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DIsabled Low-Level SMART operations, no effect.  IS there anything else I can do to disable the HDD/SDD temp enumeration?


That does disable HDD/SSD temperature measurement.  If the issue persists, then it is caused by another module.  You can try disabling HWMon Modules one-by-one (right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> HWMon Modules), maybe you can find out which one is behind the spikes.

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