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Hi there,

I am about to purchase lots of licences but before this I need to make sure that I can use AIDA64 to do the following :

* I need to run Aida64 on lots of differents machine, WinXP, WIN Vista, Win7, and collect some information, like softares, hardwares, etc.

* The result need to be in an excel spread sheet idealy, with the detail of each PC.

Anyone can tell me how to run this automatically, like in command prompt or script, or thinking of installing AIDA64 in a shared location and inserting something in the login script ?

Please help asap as I need to find this solution by yesterday.



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1) In order to perform that task, you're going to need AIDA64 Business Edition. You need to purchase one license for each computer you'll audit. So if you have a network with 100 computers, you need to have 100 AIDA64 Business Edition licenses.

2) AIDA64 has full support for all Windows releases since Windows 95, incl. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

3) You can use the command-line facility of AIDA64 Business Edition to launch it from a logon script, create reports automatically, and place it in a shared folder of one of your file servers. You can find more information on the command-line options in the AIDA64 Business Edition users manual (AIDA64.CHM file in the distribution package).

4) You can use the Audit Manager feature of AIDA64 Business Edition to compile an audit summary in a chart format.

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Hi there and thank you for your reply.

Would you mind helping me to create a quick command line as I am still in the phase of test. If it toke me over 2 days to run a fast test, I will not be prepared to buy over 450 licences as needed.

Here is what i would like to do.

Aida64 will be on a server called A (shared folder accessible from users)

I need to inventory computer B C D E and F and get a report. The report need to be copy on server A, into the folder REPORT.

This report, idealy need to be a .xls or .csv

Can you help me here ?

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You need to add a command-line to the central users logon script on server A:

\\A\aida64folder\AIDA64.EXE /R \\A\report\$HOSTNAME /CSV /AUDIT /SAFE /SILENT

You need to have AIDA64 Business Edition files placed in the folder "aida64folder" on server A. You should make sure you set the security options for the folder "aida64folder" on server A, so that your users have read-only access to that folder. You should also make sure to provide write-only permissions for your users for the folder "report" on server A.

Then once your users log on, you'll have a report created in the folder "report" on server A.

Once you have all reports created, you can load those reports into AIDA64 Business Edition's Audit Manager feature for further processing.

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