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Missing report icons


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I have several PCs and laptops and for years I've used AIDA64 (Everest) to track hardware and software changes.

I normally create an MHTML report and copy and waste to a Word document where it can be edited and updated for each of the PCs.


This has worked perfectly for many years.

Now whenever I paste the report into the Word document there are no icons.

This makes the report extremely difficuly to read as it looks like a composition.


The last AIDA64 version to support this was version 3.00.2500.

None of the versions after this supports the icons pasted into a Word document..


Is this by design?

Is there a way to correct this?


With the newer Operating systems and PC hardware, version 3.00.2500 does not offer complete detection, but I am still forced to us it because the newer versions simply don't suffice for my needs.


Is there a solution?


Thanks for the opportunity to express this.

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We've dropped the original MHTML report format, because it was too slow to open and navigate in those browsers that supported it; and because it wasn't supported by all browsers.  The new format is more modern, supported by all modern browsers, and much faster to open and navigate the MHTML files.


Why do you want to open or copy-paste the MHTML report in a Word document?  Do you need to do some kind of post-processing?



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Fiery, thank you for the response.


It is consideribly easier to edit an existing report than to create a new report.

I need the report to be editable to reflect changes in system hardware and software updates as well as changes in sensor readings (especially in overclocked systems)..

For that reason the Word document can be edited as needed while the HTML report cannot.


With several systems in the house, AIDA64 has always been my staple in terms of quick references.

I can easily view the reports from each system and compare and edit changes accordingly.

System performance stats derived from the sensor readings were extremely helpful as such.


Having an editable report also facilitated the ability to remove data in the Software categories so it appears as it does in the Operating System's Add/Remove Programs.

This make for easier comparison when tracking changes and updates.


AIDA64 (Everest) has been an invaluable tool for system overview over the years and I've been appreciative of its many features.

I understand progress is required to accomodate new hardware and such.

I was inquiring it it were possible to retain some of the conveniences I grew accostomed to over the years.


Thanks again.




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