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Just bought AIDA64 Extreme and..... 'Program has stopped Working - Windows is checking....'


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Tried the trial version and quickly realised I needed AIDA 64 Extreme on my home build PC which is experiencing some BSOD issues. First job I thought - run the report, lets see what's what. Halfway through report generation and 'AIDA64 has experienced an error and Windows is closing the program'.


Any clues?

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Run this a few times now - it always crashes at the same part - DirectX input.


When I exclude this from the report it runs fine.


When I enter the DirectX part of AIDA64 and click DirectX input it crashes again.


I guess I have an issue with DirectX Input... Any suggestions?

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It means one of your input devices (mouse or keyboard, typically) has a broken DirectX Input support in their Windows drivers.  It's usually not a big deal these days, so you can ignore that issue.  In case you want to stress your system to see how it copes with heavy load, you can use the AIDA64 System Stability Test (main menu / Tools / System Stability Test).


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